Dr. D. Muralidhara Rao

NSS Coordinator
Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Blood grouping Campaign on 02 November 2015

Student Blood Group list


The Health centre caters to the needs of students, staff, non-teaching staff, visiting faculty of the University and to a limited extend to the needs of the surrounding cluster of villages. The Health centre as yet does not have in-patient therapy units. An expansion of the physical infrastructure of the Health centre is under way and when the work is completed, limited in-patient services will also be offered. There are three Medical Officers manning the Health centre.

Facilities available:

  • Out-patient clinic & free drug dispensary (with an annual budget of 4.2 lakhs) to students, Research Scholars, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff and their families, Hostel staff and their families, campus residents and hostel inmates, delegates of seminars, Spot valuation staff, Summer course students, N.S.S. Programme volunteers, participants of sports meets, Cultural meets, Youth festivals, Competitive exams goings, guests of students and staff, Building construction workers, and canteen workers and helpless people.
  • Pregnency identification and confirmation and antenatal checkups.
  • Deliveries - Episiotancy and forceps application
  • Safe abortion - MTPs
  • Post natal checkups
  • Family planning services
  • Immunization and neonatal checkups
  • X ray and E.C.G. facilities
  • Casualty with 2 beds for keeping the patients for observation and I.V. infusion and Blood transfusion
  • Ambulance

NOTE: The Health centre actively participates in blood donation capms, diabetes detection camps, pulse polio programmes and other health awareness promotion activities. It has also taken part in the various rounds of Janmabhoomi.