Executive Council

Executive Council

The Executive Council is the Executive authority of the University which consists of Five Ex Officio Members : The Vice Chancellor, The Rector, The Seceretary to Govt. in Education Department, The Seceretary to Govt. in Finance & Planning, The Director of Higher Education and other members, One Senior Professor of the University, One Principal of the University Colleges, One Principal of the Affiliaed Colleges, One teacher among the teachers of the University College, One teacher among the teachers of the affiliated Colleges, Four eminent persons representing Industry, Agriculture, trade, Commerce, Education, Public Life, Legal Profession, Social Work e.t.c., nominated by the Government.

Executive Council Members

Prof. S. M. Rahmatullah

Sri Krishnadevaraya University,

Prof. M. C. S. Subha

Rector Sri Krishnadevaraya University Ananthapuram.

Prof. K. Sudhakar Babu

Registrar Sri Krishnadevaraya University Ananthapuram.

Sri. Aditya Nath Das

I.A.S., Principal Secretary to Government, Education (U.E.I) Department 4th Block 1st Floor,Room No:268 0863-2444322,


Sri. G.S. Panda Das

I.A.S., Director of Collegiate Education Opp. Latha Talkies Nampally Govt. of A.P Hyderabad. 040-23221511

Sri. K. V. Subramanyam

Deputy Secretary to Government Finance Dept. North, H-Block, 2nd Floor, A.P. Secretariat Gov of A.P,Hyderabad – 500 022 Ph: 9912011883

Prof. K. Sudhakar Babu

Member, Executive Council Dept. of Chemistry, S.K. University Anantapur Cell: 9849362240

Prof. R. R. V. Raju

Member, Executive Council Dept. of Commerce, S.K. University Anantapur Cell: 9440683199


Prof. A. Mallikarjuna Reddy

Member, Executive Council Dept. of Mathematics, S.K. University Anantapur Cell: 9440975719

Smt. B. Naga Jyothiarmayi

Member, Executive Council Lecturer, Govt. Degree College Anantapur Cell: 9441034800

Sri. P.C. Vijaya Rao

Member, Executive Council Principal, K.C Narayana College of Education Guntakal Cell: 9885324515

Sri. M. Ramaiah

Member, Executive Council Director, Intell Engineering College Anantapur Cell: 9440288998


Dr. Muchukota Babu

Member, Executive Council, Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Anantahpuramu- 515 001

Dr. Yendluri Prabhakar

Member, Executive Council, Associate Professor, FI/c, HOD, Govt. General Hospital, ANANTAPURAMU- A.P- 515 001

Sri. M. R. Manohar Reddy

Member, Executive Council, M.R. Serial Entrepreneurs, CEO, Feuji, Inc, Dr.No. 13-1763, Revenue Colony, ANANTAPURAMU- A.P- 515 001