A Dean is usually the head of a significant collection of departments within a university with responsibilities for setting academic policies, overseeing the budget, fundraising, and other administration. Such a dean is usually a tenured professor from one of the departments.


Prof. G . Balasubramanyam

Languages and Literatures
Office: 08554-255779,
Mobile: 9000127115

Prof. M. Jayaraj

Social Sciences
Office: 08554-255811,
Mobile: 9440984393

Prof. M. C. S. Subha

Physical Sciences
Office: 08554-255966, Mobile: 9985442754

Prof. P. Indira

Life Sciences
Office: 08554-255882,
Mobile: 9347238632


Prof. C. N. Krishna Naik

Commerce and Management,
Mobile: 9440093386/7382141062

Prof. S. V. Pulla Reddy

Office: 08554-255726,
Mobile: 9441915080

Prof. K. Nagabhushan Raju

Engineering And Technology,
Mobile: 9866590987


Other Deans

Prof. P. Premachand Babu

UGC Affairs and Development
Mobile: 9490188361

Prof. K. Venugopala Rao

College Development Council
Mobile: 9441039629/9490188356

Prof. K. Thulasi Naik

PG Examinations & Coordinator
Office: 08554-255837,
Mobile: 9849362240

Prof. R. Jeevan Kumar

UG Examinations
Office: 08554-255702,
Mobile: 9491120089


Prof. C. N. Krishna Naik

Students Affairs,
Mobile: 9440093386/7382141062

Prof. P. Premachand Babu

Career Guidance & Placements
Mobile: 9490188361

Prof. P. Murali Krishna

Industry Interaction & International Collaboration
Mobile: 9440556990