College Development Council

Prof. K. Rama Gopal

Sri Krishnadevaraya University

List of Affiliated Colleges

College Development Council

The University Grants Commission has given priority to the development and improvement of the standards of affiliated Government/, Aided/ Unaided and Private Colleges in co ordination with Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education. The affiliated Colleges are located outside Sri Krishnadevaraya University Campus for providing courses in accordance with regulations prescribed by statues, Ordinance or Regulations of Sri Krishnadevaraya University /Government of Andhra Pradesh. In view of the fact that a substantial number of the student population receives education through these institutions, to coordinate between the colleges and the University and other regulatory bodies, Sri Krishnadevaraya University has established the College Development Council in year 1982.
The College Development Council functions as a liaison between the University and the Government/Aided/ Unaided/ private under the jurisdiction of S.K. University (Anantapur District) and University Grants Commission, New Delhi and South Eastern Regional Office (SERO) Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) /NCTE/BCI/RCI/AICTE, as the case, may be. It is a coordinating body between all these institutions. The College Development Council is guided and works under the control of the Executive Council, Vice-Chancellor, and the Registrar.

The following are the delegation of powers / duties of the Dean, College Development Council:

  1. To coordinate with the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education for starting new private / unaided Degree Colleges / Under-Graduate, Post- Graduate and Diploma courses.
  2. Monitoring the meetings of the Governing Bodies, Boards of studies and Academic Councils of Autonomous colleges under the jurisdiction of S.K. University / Academic Senate / Standing Committee of the Academic Senate / University Research Committee and other such bodies.
  3. To consider Combination of attendance from other University areas into Colleges of this University area .
  4. Conduct of meetings of the College Principals / Correspondents of affiliated Colleges for maintaining the standards of education.
  5. Approval of teaching staff of various B Ed Colleges.
  6. Approval of Syllabi / Curriculum / Model question papers of all the degree Courses.
  7. Co-ordination with State Council of Higher Education regarding appointment of internal members with the Joint Inspection commissions for establishment of new Degree Colleges and PG Colleges and restructured courses in the existing Colleges.
  8. Approval of change of premises / change of Society / management of the affiliated colleges as per University / APSCHE norms.
  9. Sanction of additional strength to the affiliated Colleges as per University/ APSCHE norms.
  10. Rationalization and implementation of University policies in affiliated colleges.
  11. To assist the affiliated colleges for inclusion under Sec. 2 [f] & 12 [B] of the UGC Act, 1956.
  12. To coordinate with the University Grants Commission in conferring and extension of autonomous status to the affiliated as well as constituent colleges under the jurisdiction of S.K. University, when ever applied for.
  13. To coordinate the implementation of Faculty Improvement Programme [FIP] for the teachers working, on permanent basis in the affiliated / Government colleges
  14. Recommending to the University for granting / extension of temporary / permanent affiliation based on the recommendation of the inspection Commissions after verification of infrastructural and other facilities as per the norms prescribed by APSCHE / Government of Andhra Pradesh / University.
  15. Appointment of University nominees for various selection committees.
  16. Any other work assigned by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor from time to time.